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Jamie RichardsRarely do you find a singer with a voice that delivers emotions as convincingly as Jamie Richards. At home anywhere there’s cold beer and a sawdust dance floor, Jamie is successfully climbing the country music ladder, one rung at a time– and he’s doing it his way.

From his first single, “Don’t Try To Find Me” (2002), to his most recent hit, “Never Gonna Hear it From me” (2013), Jamie’s popularity continues to soar. He’s lived enough, loved and lost enough and defied the odds enough to write songs that relate to hearts of all ages.

Pleasing a crowd has always come easy for the Shawnee, OK native. At the age of four, he got his first glimpse of audience approval while performing from the top of his mother’s piano bench during all-night gospel revivals.

By the time he was 18, Jamie’s music had expanded. Developing a rugged signature sound that was perfect for honky-tonks and bars, he found himself playing 250 shows a year, making fifty dollars per night.

Jamie eventually found his way to Music City’s Curb Records where, as a staff writer, he wrote with the industry’s finest. Oftentimes sacrificing his craft for the sake of putting bread on the table, Jamie worked in construction for most of his Nashville years. It wasn’t until he met Wes Daily of Houston’s D Records that he became a force to be reckoned with in the music world– and Texas became his “second home.”

His first of four successful albums, “No Regrets,” hit the airwaves with four singles in the Top Twenty on the Texas Music chart. After that, there was no stopping the determined “rebel with a cause.”

Since 2002, Jamie has released 16 crowd-pleasing singles—12 of which made it into the Top Ten /Texas Music chart. His single, “Drive,” took the #1 spot. In addition, he continues to write hits for some of country’s biggest names– among them, Kevin Fowler (“Loose, Loud and Crazy”) and Hal Ketchum (“That’s What You Get For Loving Me”).

From the fan-favorite “Last Call,” to the rowdy beer-drinkin’ anthem “I Can Party When I Need To,” Jamie knows exactly what his followers want: a honky-tonk singer with a bit of an edge.  His fifth album, “It’s All About the Music” has been lauded by critics as his most mature album to date, containing some of the most heartfelt, soul searching lyrics yet (I’ll Have another, Never Gonna Hear it from me, All Time High), while maintaining that hardcore honky-tonk edge that makes his live show an unforgettable experience (All About the Music, Cold as the Beer).  

With a “cradle to the grave” music philosophy and lyrics that run the full gamut of human emotions, he can’t be bothered with genre labels; he makes his own kind of music.  Jamie’s simply a self-proclaimed honky-tonk singer who’s using his intoxicating voice and powerful lyrics to take him to the top of the charts.

“I just wanted to do music that moved me in some way—music that was soulful,” says Jamie.  “I just wanted to put it out there and wherever that takes me, I’m fine.”

With a lot of grit and a good dose of humor, he’s again in construction; this time, building a successful career– on his own terms.

No fences. No boundaries. No stopping…


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